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On semble se rjouir, Edmonton, des succs rcents des Devils du New Jersey, qui viennent de remporter sept de leurs huit derniers matchs. Les Oilers, de leur ct, viennent d perdre cinq de suite et un point du dernier rang au classement gnral.
Ils augmentent ainsi leurs chances de remporter la loterie et repcher au premier rang en juin, comme l dernier.
Et malgr leurs insuccs sur la glace, 16 839 spectateurs emplissaient le Rexall Place dimanche, signe que les fans semblent avoir accept la phase de reconstruction.
Les Snateurs d auront ils autant de succs convaincre leurs partisans?
L des Devils du New Jersey, Ilya Kovalchuk, affirme que l entraneur John MacLean n pas blmer pour les insuccs des Devils du New Jersey en premire moiti de saison. Hum.
N qu les mmes effectifs, Jacques Lemaire a permis aux Devils de remporter sept de leurs huit derniers matchs. Lors de ces sept victoires, les Devils ont accord deux buts ou moins six fois. Et Martin Brodeur qui vient d nomm le joueur de la semaine dans la LNH il se fait tard pour les Devils, qui sont 20 points du huitime rang et d place en sries liminatoires.
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Le trs respect Roy MacGregor, du quotidien Globe and Mail, a appris les plans d du propritaire des Snateurs d Eugene Melnyk: Bryan Murray laissera sa place un nouveau directeur gnral la fin de la saison, l Cory Clouston vit sur du temps emprunt et on entend suivre la modle des Oilers d et reconstruire avec de jeunes joueurs.
Mon bmol? wholesale jerseys Bryan Murray restera en poste titre de conseiller et amorcera la premire phase de reconstruction en liquidant des vtrans d la date limite des changes.The 1976 Oklahoma Sooners football team represented the University of Oklahoma in the college football 1976 NCAA Division I A season. Oklahoma Sooners football participated in the former Big Eight Conference at that time and played its home games in Oklahoma Memorial Stadium where it has played its home games since 1923.[1] The team posted a 9 2 1 overall record and a 5 2 0 conference record to earn a share of the Conference title under head coach Barry Switzer who took the helm in 1973.[2][3] This was Switzer’s fourth conference title in four seasons.[2]
The team was led by two All Americans: Zac Henderson[4] and Mike Vaughan.[5] After tying with Oklahoma State and Colorado for the conference title, it earned a trip to the Fiesta Bowl where it came out victorious against the Wyoming Cowboys.[3] During the season, it faced five ranked opponents (In order, 16 Texas, 15 Kansas, 19 Colorado, 11 Missouri and 10 Nebraska). Four of its opponents finished the season ranked. It tied with Texas in the Red River Shootout and lost to Oklahoma State and Colorado.[3] The Sooners started the season with a 5 0 1 record. They also began and ended the season with four game winning streaks.[3] Sophomore Daryl Hunt’s 177 tackles that season would stand as the school record for five years and continues to be the second highest total behind Jackie Shipp’s 189 in 1981.[6]
Kenny King led the team in rushing with 839 yards, Dean Blevins led the team in passing with 384 yards, Steve Rhodes led the team in receiving with 160 yards, Uwe von Schamann and Horace Ivory led the team in scoring with 72 points, Hunt led the team in tackles with a record setting 177 as well as interceptions with 4.[6]Calvin Harley, PhD, recently glimpsed the possible future of medicine and maybe a forecast of his own mortality. It was 2010, a tumultuous year for Dr. Harley as he helped launch a start up biotech company. “I was under a lot of stress, wasn’t doing much exercise, and had gained a bit of weight,” he says. In the midst of the craziness, he subjected his blood to a series of tests that measured the length of his telomeres segments of DNA at the ends of chromosomes. As a pioneering researcher who began studying telomeres at McMaster University in Canada during the 1980s, he’d been among the first to undergo such testing decades ago. But advances that have recently made tests faster, cheaper, and more consistent allowed him to spot a trend: His telomeres were rapidly getting shorter.
If you don’t know the significance of having short telomeres (or even what they are), you’re likely to be hearing a lot more about it soon, partly due to scientists like Dr. Harley. In 1990, he and colleagues had published a groundbreaking paper in the journal Nature connecting telomere shortening to aging in human cells. More recently, studies have linked telomere length to an array of chronic age related conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, infections, and Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, along with some forms of cancer. Discoveries related to telomeres, aging, and health have been so significant that one of Dr. Harley decided to make some changes. He started running more and eating a healthier diet. He lost 10 pounds and eased up at work. Measuring his telomeres every 3 to 6 months since, he’s noted another trend: “More recently, my telomeres have increased in length.”
Such stories could become commonplace in the next 3 to 5 years and Dr. Harley has an interest in seeing that happen. The company he cofounded, Telome Health, is one of at least three around the world others are in Spain and Canada that offer telomere tests. Right now the test is available to individuals through their doctors, but a new Telome method that uses saliva instead of blood now puts tests within reach of the general population. “Some doctors see telomere tests like a new cholesterol test,” Dr. Harley says, “something you’d do on a regular basis.”
But what telomere length means for any given person isn’t entirely clear, and a lot of questions remain unanswered. What does the length of our telomeres really say about our health? Can lengthening them lead to longer life? How much can we control them? And most important, what can we do to build on breakthrough discoveries about telomeres, aging, and disease to improve our well being and live healthier wholesale nfl jerseys longer?2next

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