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Prodigio Consultores, inicia sus actividades en el año 2007 con la misión de apoyar a las empresas e instituciones en el especializado proceso de creación de servicios de información utilizando tecnologías open source y así asegurar la disponibilidad, oportunidad, transferencia y acceso a los variados recursos digitales de información que pudiesen existir. Con este fin se conformó un equipo de profesionales de excelencia, especializados y con variadas experiencias en las temáticas propuestas.

Nuestra experiencia nos ubica como referentes en el medio Latinoamericano para el contexto de estos servicios. El desarrollo de estrategias digitales para instituciones y empresas, poseemos experiencia comprobada en la conceptualización, gestión y construcción de repositorios y bibliotecas digitales lo que nos convierte en la alternativa ideal para potenciar los procesos y recursos digitales que toda organización requiera conceptualizar y/o implementar.

A la fecha los integrantes de nuestro equipo, han participado en variados proyectos de este tipo ya sea en Chile, Argentina, Brasil, Cuba, Panamá. Bolivia, Ecuador y Nepal, permitiéndonos así, tener una amplia visión basada en la experiencia y especialización que nos convierte en la alternativa ideal para desarrollar los servicios de información digital que toda organización necesita.

Prodigio Consultores ofrece especializados servicios relacionados a la gestión de sistemas digitales de información entre los que se destacan los siguientes:


Como consultores en gestión del conocimiento, y más allá de las funcionalidades técnicas, diseño visual y desarrollos de servicios de información que la organización pueda otorgar como resultado de nuestros servicios, existirá un interés y apoyo continuo en los aspectos estratégicos durante el proyecto y una vez finalizado éste.

This video doesn include what I think is the most astounding special effects feat of the silent era, from Buster Keaton Sherlock, Jr. This would be trivial today with greenscreens, but they had to do meticulous work to pull this off and it astounds me every time I see it. I can find an independent clip of it, but if you go here and skip to around 19:00, you see it.
Agreed. There is a lot from Keaton and that era that is simply astounding, though some of the real, untouched effects they did were even more mind blowing.
This video doesn include what I think is the most astounding special effects feat of the silent era, from Buster Keaton Sherlock, Jr. This would be trivial today with greenscreens, but they had to do meticulous work to pull this off and it astounds me every time I see it. I can find an independent clip of it, but if you go here and skip to around 19:00, you see it.A youth cult in South African townships
Gang rape jackrolling has become a youth cult in South Africa. The thousands of armed youth gangs in the sprawling townships of Soweto have just one aim: to impregnate every woman under age 26.
Gang rape jackrolling has become a youth cult in South Africa. The thousands of armed youth gangs in the sprawling township of Soweto near Johannesburg have just one aim: to impregnate every woman under age 26. They form hunting packs to find their victims each night.
One of the main reasons why HIV AIDS is at such a high level in South Africa, with some 6 million people now infected with the human immune deficiency virus which leads to deadly AIDS, is rape.
One in every four South African females of all races and ages, even the smallest babies, will experience rape at least once; 380,000 cases of rapes are REPORTED annually in South Africa. The reported rape cases in South Africa are the highest in the world.
Rape as a male initiation ritual
Rape is also a form of initiation among the men: new inmates in male prisons are inevitably raped upon arrival by all members of any given cell although most lead heterosexual lifestyles outside of prison. The sexual abuse of children is also common in townships.
And all these horrors occur without any kind of lubrication and of course without condoms and the friction causes mucosal tearing and bleeding, said Dr. S. Armstrong, a leading South African researcher.
He warns in a recent medical report published by the National Institutes of Health in the USA, that ‘such conditions of unprotected, unlubricated sex (rape) with multiple partners are one important reason why HIV is so rapidly transmitted in South Africa.’
Women in SA not allowed to use condoms, contraceptives:
And researchers K. Wood and R. Jewkes also reported in their studies carried out among pregnant adolescents in Cape Town, that there is ‘widespread male coercion and violence within these sexual relationships. The pregnant teens reported ‘assault as a regular feature of their relationships.’
“In South Africa, power relations between men and women are commonly manifested as and imposed through sexual violence and assault. Men use physical assault to force sexual contact, beating their female partners if they refuse to have sex, or if they are found to be using contraceptives.’
Women often experience abuse such as gang rape yet health officials in SA ‘refuse to acknowledge sexual encounters such as these as rape’.
Powerless to protect against HIV infection:
Researcher L. de K Ackermann from the department of sociology at the University of the Free State also writes: “it is evident that social factors such as the high rate of rape.
“The degree to which women are able to control various aspects of their sexual lives is clearly a critical question for health promotion and the prevention of AIDS.
“It is evident that social factors such as the high rate of rape, the unfavourable economic position of women, and the inability to insist on condom usage make South African women unable to negotiate the timing of sex and the conditions under which it occurs.
“They arepowerless to protect themselves against HIV infection. Prevention campaigns often do not take into account the reality of their daily lives and the difficulties they have to gain control over their own sexual lives. The rampant spread of this disease can only be stemmed if the subordinate position of women is acknowledged and addressed.”
“It is these (male dominated) power relations which determine women’s ability or inability to protect themselves against sexually transmitted disease, pregnancy, and unwelcome sexual acts.’5 Miata Yusho concept in Leipzig
Mazda has unveiled a pair of special MX 5 Miata models just for the 2012 Leipzig Motor Show, including a supercharged version of everyone’s favorite roadster. For the latter showcar, dubbed “Yusho,” Mazda has turned to our friends at Flyin’ Miata for a supercharger kit to boost the machine’s grunt to around 241 horsepower. As you may recall, that’s the same blower that powered our Targa Newfoundland racer. Mazda also threw in a new engine management system paired with a set of new fuel injectors and a free flowing exhaust. The powerplant also benefits from beefier Cosworth pistons and connecting rods, while a sport clutch handles dumping all that power onto the six speed manual gearbox.
A set of 4.10 gears in the rear differential also helps the Yusho sprint from corner to corner. With a set of Bilstein shocks, Eibach lowering springs and semi slick Toyo tires, this is likely the most fun you can have with your top down. While the Yusho is merely a concept, Mazda is also debuting a limited production special edition MX 5 Miata as well.
At Just 200 units, the Senshu MX 5 Roadster Coupe comes with a retractable hard top, sportline interior and a Bilstein sports suspension. Designers applied a unique racing stripe, and a set of 17 inch alloy wheels give the machine a little more menace. Mazda will only produce 200 of the Senshu Miata models, and each one will cost European buyers about $1,600 USD over the base price. Check out both press releasesfor yourself by scrolling down.
Related GalleryMazda MX 5 Miata Yusho Concept
2.0 liter gasoline engine with supercharging delivers 241 horsepower
Clutches and shorter final drive ratio for enhanced dynamicsMore radical still was not a MX 5: A prototype “Yusho” (Japanese for “victory”), the Mazda Roadster its sporty talents may now live on the streets unchecked. A supercharger kit for the American MX 5 Tuning specialists “Flyin ‘Miata” increases the power of the free revving 2.0 liter MZR petrol engine to 177 kW/241 hp and drives the roadster to legend about 240 km / h speed.
The compressor including intercooler gives the four cylinder over the entire rpm band as an equally powerful homogeneous power and torque delivery. At 5400rpm with peak torque of 274 Nm available. In addition, the engine with a modified engine management system, new fuel injectors and metal sport catalysts has been fitted. Special Cosworth pistons and connecting rods provide excellent stability of the motor. The exhaust gases are released through an individually designed muffler with large cross sections and centrally positioned double tailpipes, which can be adjusted by control valve in its acoustics.
The six speed manual transmission with special sports clutch and the usual crisp gearshifts, the best power transfer to the rear wheels safe, while the shorter final drive ratio to 4.1 increases the driving dynamics and improving sprint qualities in all gears. The suspension with Bilstein shock absorbers, sport, larger stabilizer bars and lowering springs from Eibach is aligned to the model compared to the standard even higher dynamic requirements. The power transmission benefits from a semi slick tires the manufacturer Toyo mounted on anthracite gray alloy wheels size 8Jx17 is.
Even the look sets the MX 5 “Yusho” civilized street from his brothers: the matt white film wrapping and an equally dull white foiled rear spoiler are available in an appealing contrast to a specially developed rear diffuser in carbon fiber optics and the dark wheels. The interior is enhanced with a suede trimmed steering wheel and Recaro sport seats with leather and Alcantara covers the dynamic requirements of the prototype.
At 200 units limited edition model with 2.0 liter MZR petrol engine (118 kW/160 hp)
Convenient features and customer benefits in the amount of 1,280 users chose the name of the Roadster Coupe online
Mazda puts on a new sporty special edition of its flagship roadster: Limited to 200 units Senshu MX 5 Roadster Coupe is only available as an electrically retractable folding roof with the end of June with prices starting at 29 190 in retail. The advantage for the customer dynamic two seater is 1280 Under a cooperation agreement with the TV channel DMAX Mazda fans voted via Facebook from the name of Senshu, the Japanese means something like “player”.
The special model with 2.0 liter MZR petrol engine (118 kW/160 hp) is based on the sport line equipment, which already has an exclusive interior with six speed manual transmission, Bilstein sports suspension with wholesale jerseys specially designed components, sports aluminum pedals, xenon headlights, automatic climate control, cruise control and handsfree with voice control and Bluetooth and a BOSE sound system with six disc CD changer and seven speakers available.
The MX 5 Senshu is enhanced with additional components added. Give it a distinctive look dark alloy wheels with 205/45 R 17 tires, a “racing stripe” Seitenfolierung, a black rear diffuser, sport exhaust tailpipes and a black bezel of the front grille. Inside, a light gray leather interior with embossed five stage seat heating for driver and front passenger ambience. As an accessory option provides the fun Mazda package consisting of an iPod and USB adapter and a Eibach to Low legungssatz, with which the vehicle is lowered by 30 millimeters. The special model is available in three exterior colors Brilliant Black Metallic Arachnewei Tornadoraot and metallic.
The name chosen Senshu 49 percent of the 9,600 Facebook users who have been called the TV station DMAX the vote. For additional election were the names of “Arashi” and “Migoto”. Among all participants, giving away three wildcards for the Mazda “Zoom Zoom Xperience 2012” end of June at the Hockenheimring. On any given weekend, there are more Mazda products on the road race tracks of America than any other brand of vehicle. Of all the Mazda products being raced in America on any given weekend the Spec Miata is by far the most common of them all. This is very important for predictable, controllable oversteer, especially in a car as light as the Miata.2) No excessive heat damage. This is also very important for the Miata, which has built a reputation as a reliable sports car.
June 05 2012 at 12:01 AM
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