Conceptualizamos, implementamos y diseñamos potentes servicios de información digital basados en tecnologí­as open source. Dichos servicios de información comprenden Bibliotecas digitales y Repositorios institucionales, siendo el desarrollo de ambos nuestra especialidad.

Prodigio Consultores emplea su propia metodología para poder llevar a cabo cada una de las fases del proyecto. Esto garantiza una evolución ordenada del proyecto como asi también, una constante revisión de las necesidades de los usuarios y clientes, ellos son el eje central de nuestra atención y en consecuencia nuestros resultados son los mejores de su tipo en el mercado.

En general nuestro foco principal de clientes son la diversos tipos de Unidades de Información tales como Centros de documentación, Bibliotecas, Archivos empresariales, Unidades de conocimiento, Centros de información o cualquier otra organización que necesite organizar, gestionar y difundir información digital no importando el tipo de formato o archivo en la cuál se encuentre.

Nuestras implementaciones se pueden representar en los siguientes servicios:

  • Repositorios Académicos
  • Bibliotecas Digitales
  • Repositorios Institucionales de Conocimiento
  • Archivos de imagenes
  • Archivos digitales empresariales
  • Documentación empresarial digital
  • Memoria institucional
  • Archivos multimedios
  • Archivos de mapas
  • Colecciones digitales

Solicita una pre-propuesta técnica y económica utilizando nuestro formulario de relevamiento




Solicita una pre-propuesta técnica y económica utilizando nuestro formulario de relevamiento

Nuestras implementaciones se sustentan en una profunda especialización, exitosas experiencias y conceptualizaciones de alto impacto, asegurando la flexibilidad, potencia y calidad que las organizaciones merecen.

Cada proyecto diseñado y desarrollado por Prodigio Consultores cuenta con el respaldo de un equipo de profesionales cuya experiencia y dedicación se ven reflejadas en el alto grado de visibilidad y posicionamiento que el cliente alcanza con cada proyecto luego de la implementación.

Aabe Gum by Mushtaq Ahmed YusfiRatings: 5.0Mushtaq Ahmed Yusufi has no axe to grind, social or political, and finds humor in everyday experience. As a humorist his chief weapon is wit, seen in the sudden and unexpected conclusion he draws from apparently commonplace premises. They take one’s breath away by their suddenness and the unexpected twist he gives them.
He has drawn praise from no less than Ibn e Insha: “When it comes to contemporary humorous prose, the name of [Mushtaq Ahmed] Yusufi comes to mind”. This is complete book.”aabe gum” by “mushtaq ahmed yusfi”
Mushtaq Ahmed Yusufi has no axe to grind, social or political, and finds humor in everyday experience. As a humorist his chief weapon is wit, seen in the sudden and unexpected conclusion he draws from apparently commonplace premises. They take one’s breath away by their suddenness and the unexpected twist he gives them.
He has drawn praise from no less than Ibn e Insha: “When it comes to contemporary humorous prose, the name of [Mushtaq Ahmed] Yusufi comes to mind”.How I Gained It: I was not aware of how much I was eating, and I rarely exercised. I went from being very active in college to being not active at all afterwards. I gained a good 100 pounds in the course of three years after college. I wasn’t depressed, I didn’t have low self esteem; I was just lazy and ate everything in sight.
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I turned around and never looked back. In that first week, I lost eight pounds.
Weight Watchers has taught me to stop telling myself that I can’t have something and that making good choices will deliver results. It brought awareness (through food tracking) to how much food I was taking in on a daily basis. I now eat smaller meals and healthier meals because I’m aware of what I’m eating. I still like an occasional McNugget meal every once in a while. In a year and half, I’ve lost 100 pounds, and I’m not stopping until I hit my goal of 125 pounds. I know I will get there.
The three things I tell other members when they ask for my advice is are:
Before, I was at risk for high blood pressure. My doctor suggested that I start taking medicine for the pending health risk. After losing 50 pounds in five months, he said I did not need medicine anymore and that my health took a dramatic turn for the better. At 24, I could barely walk up the stairs at my job without stopping. I am now running yes, running 5Ks. I hate running to this day I prefer Zumba or dancing but finishing my first 5K gave me a whole new respect for running. Feeling like I’d definitely accomplished something helped motivate me to keep going and try to hit a new goal. I even helped to organize a local 5K to help with the Special Olympics because getting healthy has become such a big part of my life.”GMR Infrastructure, A slow PAX growth at airports and lower power sales, coupled with weak EPC revenues, led to a flat QoQ growth in Q4FY13 revenues. For FY13, revenues (Rs97bn) grew by 16% YoY. Adjusted to exceptional gains, loss for FY13 stood at Rs5.7bn.”
“Pax traffic of DIAL was flat YoY and up 7.4% QoQ at 9.2m. For FY13, it was down by 4% YoY. ATMs were flat QoQ and down by 5.6% YoY, while for FY13, it was down 5% YoY. Cargo was flat QoQ and YoY and for FY13, it was down by 4%. HIAL experienced a flat YoY and QoQ Pax (2.1m), while for FY13, it was down by 3%. ATMs were down by 13% YoY and flat QoQ and for FY13, they came down by 9%. Cargo volumes were up by 9% YoY for Q4FY13 and 3% for FY13. Turkey Airport experienced a 15% YoY growth in Pax for Q4FY13 and 11% for FY13. Number of units sold in power de grew by 59% YoY and 8.9% QoQ to 334m units and BOT Road traffic was up 7% YoY on an average. The company has reduced close to Rs35bn debt in FY13 from proceeds of asset sale. Consolidated airport EBITDA for Q4FY13 stood at Rs5.7bn (as against Rs7bn reported) on account of revision in aero charges at DIAL after adjusting one time revenue from NACIL. Power, however, on a consolidated basis, experienced an EBITDA loss, mainly on account of lower PLFs in gas based plants.”

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